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Supermix Studio launches Interactive Custom Kids' Apparel

Supermix Studio Launches One-of-a-Kind Boutique Quality Apparel

Celebrating Individuality By Putting Kids in the Design Seat

Catskills, NY (September 2022) – Supermix Studio, the world’s first interactive custom children’s apparel brand, debuts this month at with one-of-a-kind boutique quality apparel that brings a fun, hands-on design element to kids’ clothing. Celebrating individuality by putting kids in the design chair so they can create hyper-personalization apparel that is totally their own. Supermix is all about the design experi- ence -- the awesome clothing and accessories are the icing on the cake.

“Supermix is different because it’s really the ‘kids’ brand.’ It’s whatever they want it to be,” said Jennifer Stein-Bis- choff, Founder Supermix. “It’s a fun design activity where kids – and their moms – can play, explore, and express themselves. And at the end of the day, put something together that is 100% original and very much what each kid is about.” To hear more from Jennifer about her inspiration visit


Choose Your Style. Start Designing. Mix It Up.

Created by designer, longtime fashion industry maven and the most creative mom around Jennifer Stein-Bischoff, Supermix online design studio offers an innovative, first-of-its-kind platform that empowers kids to “embrace their authentic voices” through their individual designs. They choose their style from denim, sweats, recycled back- packs, or custom hats. Then, using the super-easy, super-fun drag-and-drop customized technology, they can add patches to their designs, anywhere they choose.

“Buying a new hoodie or jean jacket can be super fun but being able to design it to reflect your personality is even better,” said Jennifer. “Kids have lots to say, and I wanted to provide them with the opportunity to broadcast what they love and what they believe in on their clothing. I think kids will feel empowered to create not only clothing, but a brand that is exactly for them.”

It's All About The Patches

The Supermix collection, sized for babies through big kids (with some matching pieces for mom) comes in an array of colors and designs that can be personalized by choosing from more than 500 premium patches. Designed in-house by Supermix, the patches use high quality novelty materials like embroidery, chenille, sequin, and flip sequin. Instead of dollars, Patch Points are used to pay for Supermix patches. Each design comes with enough patch points (around 100) to help get started. But if a customer wants to add more, they simply buy a Patch Point pack to boost their design.

But It’s Not Just About Unicorns

Because everyone is different, Supermix patches are about way more than unicorns, and rainbows (though you will find plenty of them to choose from as well). In fact, the patches give kids a platform for their cause with optimistic messaging about planet positivity, equality, Pride, civic engagement, personal empowerment, and much more. With the wide assortment of patches, the design options are limitless, making it easy for kids to create something that lets them wear their hearts, and originality, on their sleeves...or anywhere else they want to place a patch of their favorite thing.

Environmentally and Socially Conscious

Designed in-house by Supermix, the patches use high quality novelty materials like embroidery, chenille, sequin, and flip sequin. Because leaving the world a better place for the next generation is part of the brand’s DNA, Supermix makes thoughtful decisions every step of the way. 

Eco-Friendly choices from product development and manufacturing to supply chain and delivery:

  • We use Better Cotton (BCI) - The world’s leading sustainability initiative for cotton. 
  • Backpacks are made from 100% recycled polyester.
  • Packaging is made with recovered trash and printed using Algae ink.
  • Inclusivity is a hallmark of the Supermix culture
  • Supermix clothing is gender neutral. It’s just simply clothes for kids.

Boutique Quality Without the Boutique Price                              

Denim Jackets: $64-$69 
Hoodies: $55-$59 
Joggers: $45-$49
Baby Sweat Set: $70

Adult Hoodies: $68 
Backpacks: $56 
Trucker Hats: $28

Supermix Give
Making a Difference One Student at a time.

Every student deserves a fair chance. Supermix Give serves underprivileged children in economically challenged communities across the country. We pledge 1% of our yearly net profits toward providing backpacks loaded with awesome Supermix school supplies, amongst other philanthropic initiatives.

Available beginning September, 2022, at and through select Supermix Stylists.

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